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ACL Analytics Exchange

ACL Analytics Exchange enables organizations to drive actionable results based on real-time data insights helping uncover revenue savings, control weaknesses or potential fraudulent activities, while boosting your team’s productivity by as much as 50%. With Analytics Exchange, teams can create consistent and repeatable analytics programs where analysis results are easily visualized into meaningful and easy-to-digest views, and presented to business audiences for proactive resolution.

  •   Save time, collaborate, and share knowledge with one common platform

With a centralized working environment, teams can set up a consistent and repeatable analytics practice that analyzes transactional data and minimizes dependency upon any one individual, thus having less risk of existing work becoming unusable when team members change. This approach helps to retain knowledge and minimize the effort needed to on-board new users, especially when faced with rotational staff demands.

Users can also formulate thoughts, ideas, and questions related to data analysis more easily – all of which help achieve collaborative team effort rather than a solitary task. Team efficiency is greatly improved as both technical and non-technical users can efficiently access, use, and share test results.

  • Maximize executive impact with real-time insights

Present your business audiences with clear insight into business risks by delivering a clear picture of issues within the organization so that management can make proactive data-driven decisions. This shortened time-to-action is a critical factor in increasing an organization’s agility.

  • Enterprise Ready Features

     Flexible and scalable architecture

Analytics Exchange is an intuitive web-based interface giving access to a secure repository of all the source data of analysis projects and from where a variety of analyses can be performed in a single location. Since it’s server-based, the processing performance is virtually limitless, requiring less time processing large data sets.

Whether you have a team of five or need to support a globally distributed team, ACL Analytics Exchange server can easily scale from a single implementation to multiple server systems.

   Highly secure

Data is stored and analyzed on the server, eliminating the need for sensitive data to be stored on laptops/personal computers where it can be compromised. Security and user rights to a central repository are managed through Microsoft Active Directory where administrators specify access privileges.

  Ease of access

Access analysis results from any web browser and make them accessible for employees based in multiple locations

  Shared library of scripts

Reduce time and effort by creating a shared library of scripts encouraging users to reuse code, to avoid duplication of effort and allow both technical and non-technical users to leverage the strength and value of the analytics. ACL scripts can be conveniently packaged and delivered as one-click analysis applications. Additionally, users can leverage existing analysis through cross-compatibility between ACL Analytics and Analytics Exchange scripts. Watch the video on how to create a shared library of scripts with ease.

Eliminate manual effort with automation and scheduling

Save time and effort with automation and scheduling and achieve significant cost savings by automating data import, export and analysis tasks. Creating scripts that can be scheduled for off hours or overnight to optimize resources not only requires minimal effort, but results in huge time savings. With its robust analytics engine, which is continually enhanced with each product release, the business can be confident that all their scheduled tasks, even those with high data volumes, can run smoothly to completion.

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