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QuickBooks helps you understand your business. It is quicker than paper, easier than Excel, and Tanzanian businesses use QuickBooks to automate day-to-day tasks like producing estimates and invoices, and to store their customer information and financial details in one place.

The Tanzanian Revenue Authority has approved use of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Pro 2018

Manage your business accounts simply & easily.

Multiple Users. Pro will not only enable you to manage your inventory but will also allow up to 5 multiple users to work on a company file simultaneously
Document Centre. By scanning or copying documents into this centre, you will be able to send multiple attachments when emailing customers or suppliers from QuickBooks.
Income Tracker. Using real-time data it allows you to take the necessary action when it comes to following up payments or closing open quotes.
Email Templates. Choose from multiple email templates when emailing customers and suppliers in QuickBooks Pro.
Report centre. ‘Tag’ your favourite reports for future use and run them at ease with the option to export to excel or PDF.
Lead Centre. Enter follow- up notes for sales leads and contacts that can be converted to customers.


QuickBooks Premier 2018

Fast and complete finance solution for owners of inventory/manufacturing concerns. Adds strength to the business management of manufacturing companies by having all the features of QuickBooks Pro and more.

Enable the units of measure feature for your stock for single/multiple conversion to length, weight, volume etc. This feature is ideal if you buy and sell stock in different units.
Build assemblies by introducing the bill of materials feature for manufactured items.
Track stock on back order by making use of the sales order function. Sales orders can then be converted into quotations, invoices and/or purchase orders.
Attach inventory spec sheets to inventory in the Stock Centre.
Sales Orders can be converted into Quotations/Invoices/Purchase Orders.
Avoid over stock situations by utilizing the new min/max re-order points when ordering stock.


QuickBooks Accountant 2018

Fast and complete finance solution. Up to thirty concurrent users. This is the perfect solution for a franchiser or a holding company with multiple businesses. For an accounting practice, this will save it time and money by eliminating unbillable time.

File Manager. Manage your client data files & passwords in one location.
Accountant Centre. Gives you a quick glance at core tasks such as bank recons and running of memorized reports.
Review your customers’ account by making use of the customer data review function.
Write your own financial reports by making use of the financial statement designer.
Work on your own company and your clients’ company file simultaneously.
Create and export accountants’ changes which your customer can import into their own company file.
Auto reverse journal entry.
Journal button on all transactions indicating journal postings of invoices, bills, credit notes & cheques.
Post directly to Retained earnings.


Our services:

  • Transition from Excel or other software to QuickBooks.
  • Training
  • QuickBooks implementation.
  • Three Months consultant free after Installation & Training.
  • Assistance with registration.
  •   Retrieval of lost passwords.