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Simplify your Audit, Risk, and Compliance Projects

Audit, risk and compliance management doesn’t have to be complex or spreadsheet-intensive. With you in mind, ACL have designed ACL GRC— a flexible and easy way to manage the process of assessing risk, planning and organizing projects, analyzing data, communicating issues, and visually sharing your findings. Since ACL GRC is delivered in the cloud, it’s accessible from anywhere, secure, and doesn’t require any ongoing IT support.

Gain Insights into Strategic Risks

ACL GRC helps executives and risk managers track, assess, prioritise, and communicate strategic risks across the leadership team. It provides a straight-forward way to capture and maintain a complete view of risks across the enterprise; track the risks that are most important and plan audit and risk mitigation projects for the greatest impact across all teams.

Save Time and Unlock Productivity

Manual processes, using products such as Microsoft Office or Share drives used for audit work, tend to be document and administration heavy. Gain valuable time with ACL GRC by empowering your teams to manage audits, compliance initiatives, enterprise risk and control assessments in one central place, ensuring consistency across all teams.


Turn Analysis into Actionable Results

ACL GRC helps teams work with business stakeholders to “close the loop” by removing the barriers between data and decision making and turning analysis into action. Integrated with ACL Analytics and ACL Analytics Exchange for in-depth analysis, users are able to manage timely test activities, pro-actively follow-up and re-mediate based on identified exceptions, and track outcomes in the cloud.

Illustrate Your Results with Visual Reports

ACL GRC makes it easy to access and probe GRC data to illuminate risks and opportunities needed to support executives and business leaders in improving business performance and avoiding costly oversights. Simply convert multiple GRC data points into reports, dashboards, and metrics and provide a clear interpretation of the findings to executives, audit committees, and other stakeholders.