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Cisco-CCNA Routing & Switching | Comskills
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Cisco-CCNA Routing & Switching

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Welcome to this course: Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching – The Complete Course. This course covers the accelerated CCNA certification exam. It will help you stay up-to date with your networking skills, you’ll find information here that will ensure
your success as you pursue knowledge, experience, and certification.

This course starts with the basics and will take you through everything essential to pass the certification exam

Course Objectives

In this course you will learn

  • Learning LAN switching technologies
  • Learning IP routing and IP services
  • Learning IP routing and IP services
  • Learning Network Device Security
  • Learning WAN technologies
  • Learn how to manage Cisco infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot networks using key IOS tools

Target Audience

Anyone interested in Network & CCNA

Learning Outcomes

Training method available

Open enrollment

How to Register

Additional Information

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